Daniel Wahl 'A Systems View of Life as a Regenerative Community' with Fritjof Capra

Fritjof Capra is a mentor of Daniel Wahl’s and was instrumental in Daniel’s writing of the book, ‘Designing Regenerative Cultures.

Product Description

1) What made you leave your successful career in research physics and start to become a student of ecology and life as a planetary process? 2) Are you hopeful when you look at how things have changed and have failed to change since you wrote The Turning Point in the early 1980s? 3) We met at Schumacher College in 2001, what do you appreciate about the work of the college that makes you teach there on a regular basis? Since you launched the Capra Course only a few years ago the alumni network has grown to an international community of people working on positive change informed by the systems view of life. 4) Could you share a little bit about the course, what it covers, how it is structured, and how it has served the people who have joined it and are now part of the alumni network?