Every Tool is a Hammer by Adam Savage

when you are not paying attention to how things are designed silently around you, you will use every tool as a hammer and confuse what innovation truly means.

Product Description

This book needs to be read in maker’s key. Paraphrasing Adam Savage in one of his TED talks, this book is a love letter to making, to design, to thinking and to putting something new out there in the world. The book itself is about Savage’s own life in relation to being a maker and what that means to him. If read having student centered learning in mind, this is a true delight; it delves into what it takes to have an interest of one’s own and pursuing that interest and how rigor is of utmost importance when one decides to explore uncharted territory as a learner. It speaks to the benefits of finding elders to guide you, what a true mentor really is.