In the Belly of the Beast: Technology, Nature, and the Human Prospect by Stephen L. Talbott

Talks about how we are slowly loosing our relationship with the natural world because we have become so detach. We can not read it anymore or relate to it. We are loosing our capacities, the ones that makes us more human. 

“Isn’t it the case that most of us today scarcely experience the natural world? Which is to say: isn’t it the case that we cannot render the world phenomenal for ourselves, that we cannot bring it to manifestation? Its speaking, its expressing, is what the world is, and if we cannot interpret the speaking, cannot comprehend the expressing, then nature’s presence is an absence for us.”

Product Description

In this dramatic and compelling group of essays, Steve Talbott explores the necessities and trials, the virtues and temptations, of the increasingly sophisticated technological accomplishments of our lives. He traces the long journey from Odysseus, “man of many devices,” to the Silicon Valley “man of many gadgets.” Talbott discusses the lessons we can learn from the dissolution of the Amazon basin cultures under the impact of western civilization. He articulates the concept of an “ecological conversation,” which can lead to more substantial relations between humanity and nature.