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Summer 2019, I was in residency with the digital avant garde & BLAST THEORY in the UK. If you’ve been following podcasting platforms, programmes as a vector of influence, and the growing ‘available audience’ in the world which prefers spoken word content, you’ll connect dots for not only for educational opportunities (and inculcation), but manipulation (whether the individual is consciously aware of it or not — toe-tapping music, for instance).

During my residency, I made this ‘podcast’ which experiments with psychoacoustics (where I’ve expended a portion of my life investigating in the field and with neuroscientists), current-affairs journalism, drama fiction, and non-fiction narrative with locative (sic) sound >> << it’s free to stream, and more recently (earlier in the week) >> .

There are audio prosceniums — enclosures — that  trigger memory (and the recollection of a memory); psychoacoustic cues — which I have tracked as a neuroscience metric — audio illusions that are potent and not only inform impressions, but form them as a neuronal correlate as well.  And, more significantly, sound never ages (visuals can date an atmosphere).