The Courage to Lead: A Whole School Development Approach

This work is based on the concept of empowering the teacher to transform into a wholistic and interdependent leader. In the past leadership was sorely neglected in the South African school system. The new educational context however offers school leaders the opportunity to seize responsibility for personal, professional and school development.

Product Description

Sue Davidoff is the director of the Teacher Inservice Project (TIP). The guide has been designed to: be a practical handbook on developing leadership skills; provide essential information on the core principles of creative leadership; encourage new approaches and styles of leadership, which are co-operative, inclusive and proactive; emphasize individual growth as being the key for increasing your capacity for effective leadership; help removing the blocks that prevent your leadership potential from being developed; and to encourage school leaders to find an “authentic voice” as leaders. It uses case studies, based on actual school experience, to work through problem areas, contains practical skills and development activities, and presents a learning process to creative leadership.