The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Culture by Frans Johansson

Awesome book about innovation and where / when it happens.

Rethinking innovation as an intersectional concept. Love this book


Product Description

The Medici Effect (Harvard Business School Press, 2004) is an innovation classic that explores why the most powerful innovation happens at the ?Intersection,? where ideas and concepts from diverse industries, cultures, and disciplines collide. Innovation today is less about expertise and more about how you can rapidly combine insights and ideas, often widely disparate, to create surprising and unique breakthroughs. With the pace of change happening in business, industry and geopolitics, the ideas of The Medici Effect are even more relevant today.

Since its publication, The Medici Effect has become the definitive book on diversity driving innovation, influencing numerous fields and disciplines such as architecture, design, economic development, education, entrepreneurship, and investing. Read more about the impact of The Medici Effect here.