Topophilia. A study of environmental perception, attitudes and values. by Yi Fu Tuan

The blurb for the Morningside Book edition says: Topophilia is a comprehensive, comparative look at “all of the human being’s affective ties with the material environment.” Yi-Fu Tuan believes that since humans are one of the “dominant” factors controlling the environment, it is of great importance, when considering environmental issues, to take into account humankind’s affinity toward the environment.”

Chapter 9 begins with the geography of the afterlife. A really wide-ranging book with fascinating topics.

Product Description

What are the links between environment and world view? Topophilia, the affective bond between people and place, is the primary theme of this book that examines environmental perceptions and values at different levels: the species, the group, and the individual.

Yi-Fu Tuan holds culture and environment and topophilia and environment as distinct in order to show how they mutually contribute to the formation of values. Topophilia examines the search for environment in the city, suburb, countryside, and wilderness from a dialectical perspective, distinguishes different types of environmental experience, and describes their character.