Projects – Background

Based on your choices, these are the teams for your global projects:


Maru Lopez Fernandez
Kathleen Briedenhann
Elizabeth Borges Kelsch
Elizabeth Almanza


MacKenzie Lockridge
Christine Emond
Russell Dennis
Nicole Fann


Brenda Millican
Erin Jacobs
Rebecca Collie


Silvana Kuskunov
Edurne Inchausti
Daniela Rondon
Ashton Simmonds

Background information for projects

Our first step in the project development process involves finding relevant information that can help fellow team members learn more, in general, about the topic being approached.

Please select the appropriate team in the form below, and submit your two favorite websites related to the topic chosen, before our meeting this week. We will share them with participants on Tuesday so as to inspire them to learn more about the project theme.