The Next Learnerspace features programs specifically designed and targeted to:

Enterprising Youth (16-19)

This cohort is targeted to high school students who are naturally inclined to lead. This cohort is designed to connect learners from different countries and diverse culture to explore learning through the lens of self, nature, community, technology, and leadership that provides a rich learning experience beyond the classroom setting.

The High School student program allows youth to actively explore advanced topics and develop higher order skills within an online environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. Guided by mentors and facilitators, high school students redefine their views on success, explore their sense of self, and strive towards a great sense of connection and purpose.

Enterprising Young Adults (20-28)

This cohort is targeted to enterprising young adults that are naturally entrepreneurial or are interested in exploring social enterprise. This cohort are changemakers and change leaders in their own right and have a natural inclination to collaborate. Customized real-world projects will be the stage for the learning journey. Like hearted and passionate learners will form a global cohort exploring projects of mutual passion and interest to bring real value to their communities.

Enterprising Youth are driven and determined to forge their own path in the world and may not fit traditional leaning approaches. This highly collaborative and interactive program focuses on supporting the passion and aspirations of these learners in a highly creative way. Connected by technology, and featuring the language of innovation, learners bring ideas to life in a way that contributes to the greater good.

Enterprising Educators

This cohort is targeted to educational leaders and enterprising teachers who are looking for a fresh perspective and new methods in learning and instructional design. A combination of leading practitioners, global thought leaders and skilled facilitators will explore leading practice in innovation for education. Re-energize your career and contribution to this most noble of professions, education.

Throughout the extended multiweek interaction, educators join forces in collectively exploring latest trends for the future of learning, create rubrics for projects that target socially significant impact, engage in a process of self-exploration, and rekindle their vocational call.