The Founding Cohort

The Next Learnerspace was born out of the generous and fruitful effort of a unique group of thinkers who convened for six weeks to join efforts in reflecting, discussing and creating the foundations for this new initiative.

Richard Gilby  England/Mexico – Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean for Assessment International Education. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
Bruce Symbalisty  Canada  Senior Partner & Strategic Director, Reality Engine
Mariana Lane  Australia  International Education Professional
Kirsti Jansson  Canada  Financial Services
Denise Bussio, MBA  Argentina  Geologist, Corporate Social Responsibility
Sofia Sengenberger  Argentian – Educator
Heather Herring  Canada  Engineer, Entrepreneur and start up Coach & Advisor
Christina McGirr  Canada  Marketing, CivicTech, Mentor
Jeff Stephens Ph.D, M.Ed  United States of America  Educator, Leader
Delfina Terrado Kaehler  Chile  Educational and Regenerative Development, Social-Emotional Learning Specialist
Richard Lightcap  Argentina – Educator
Catherine Nelson-Reid  Canada  Corporate Mystic, Mentor, Teacher
Laura Barton  Canada/USA  Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant
Marilyn Milavsky  Canada  Social Artist, Designer, Community Convenor
Lucia Valyi  Political Scientist and Educator
Matt Keay  Canada  Entrepreneur
Lupe Ayerza  Argentina  Non-Profit Leader – Strategy and Partnerships, Rewilding Argentina
Tomas Jimenez-Eliaeson  Spain/USA  Design Principal & Partner at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Tatiana Charry Reyes, MBA  – Columbia  Head of Newport School
Aaron Park  Canada  Manager, Community Learning & Engagement, Calgary Stampede Foundation
Don Hill  Canada  Sound Artist, Writer, Brodcaster & Digital Media Producer
Sheldon Guenther  Canada/Mexico  Head of MSHS Campus / HS Principal of the American School Foundation of Monterrey, Mexico
Stephanie Jones  Canada  Coach, Yoga Guide
Rene Pelletier  Canada  Entrepreneur & Learning Leader
Silvia Breiburd  Argentina  Educator & Author
Paula Manzitti  Argentina  Vice Principal Saint Catherine’s Moorlands School, President ACBIRP, Exec Committee ACOBI, member ESSARP
Angie Gelinas  Canada  Directory, Youth Campus at Calgary Stampede
Paula Barberis  Educator, Entrepreneur, Creative
Judy Willis, M.D. M.Ed.  USA  Neurologist, Educator, Author
Peter Foster  Australian Educator – Principal of Mancel College
Ben Davies  Argentina  Head of Secondary School at St. Andrew’s Scots School
Caroline Berglund  Canada – Principal at Talk Talk, Consultant in Leadership, Organizational Change and Culture
Susannah Johnson M.Ed.  USA  Founder, Individualized Realized, Educator & Entrepreneur
Steven Boivin  Canada  Haskayne School of Business – Entrepreneur
Christian Plebst  Argentina  Psychiatrist
D. Simon Jackson  Founder, Nature Labs & Spirit Bear Youth Coalition  named Hero of the Planet by Time Magazine
Edgardo Manzitti  Argentina University Professor in Government and International Relationships at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE)
Silvana Tejon  Argentina  Academic Director at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate)
Ainsley Rose  Canada  Educator, Author, Consultant “Developing People
Okba Aziza  Syria/Argentina  Educator
Alexander Laszlo PhD.  Argentina  Professor, Author, President of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS)
Agustina Lualdi  Argentina  Educator, Consultant