Global Leadership Accelerator

As we strive to completely redefine education, there is a need to also rethink the scope and purpose of school leadership. Our global program prepares current and aspiring school leaders to make sense of the complexity of a fast changing context and to leverage the infinite possibilities of a redefined knowledge scenario to lead schools and other educational organizations into a bright future for learning.

The Course

The Global Leadership Accelerator comprises 5 weeks of interactive, hands-on exploration together with peers from all over the world who share a similar learning mindset. Every session is preceded by a series of prompts, challenges and interactions that engage participants asynchronously before the 90-minute videoconference meeting to be held in each for each of the phases.
All course contents, plus a library of links and resources are hosted on an online hub that remains accessible for participants after the course.


In addition to the five learning modules, participants and their invited guests can take part in 3 exclusive masterclasses that are delivered by some of the world’s leading education experts. The September 2023 session includes masterclasses by:

Yong Zhao

Best selling author, speaker, innovator.

Judy Willis

Pioneer neuroscience educator, author and speaker.

Christian Plebst

Child psychiatrist, expert on wellbeing and social emotional education.

How We Learn

The only way to be able to lead change is to experience it firsthand and develop critical insights into the building blocks of a new pedagogy. All of our learning interactions comprise online interactive sessions, discussions, use of advanced technology tools, online forums, embodying the same new learning modality that seeks to be developed in schools.

The Learning Community

Online programs continue to be educationally relevant when shared by participants from all over the world, and, in our case, our global cohort will comprise leaders from multiple countries facing different contexts and realities that enrich the learning program.

Course Contents

Advanced technology applications for education, including games and simulations, applications for advanced text processing and summarization, a glimpse of how technology may indeed revolutionize pedagogy in the near future.

Impact of current and future technology developments; including the ethical impact on society and individuals of some of the latest and upcoming technology developments such as AI, big data, humanoids, and how to prepare students for a world that will be increasingly impacted by technology.

Globalization. Learning in a globalized world, techniques and strategies for making the most of the global context was reinforcing a sense of identity. Future trends. Leading global learning organizations.

Elements of leadership. Research-based redefined essential elements of leadership. Attributes, strategies and habits for leading into the future.

Nature. The importance of developing an overarching mindset for environmental awareness. The role of leaders in developing environmental initiatives.

Self. Connecting with our sense of purpose, redefining the mission and influence of leaders in education.

STARTING DATE: September 2023

Program fee: USD 750

The fee includes the 5-week program, exclusive access to Master Classes, all program materials, weekly videoconference meetings, and lifetime access to a password-protected project hub containing all learning instances and interactions.

How to Apply

Educators interested in taking part in the course will need to complete a brief form in which we learn more about the person on professional context of participants as well as their motivation for taking part in the Academy.

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