Team Environment

Create the protocol for the creation of a sustainability committee within a school community.

Target Audience: School community, students, faculty, families.

Objectives: The creation of a sustainability committee that could plan and carry out different projects.

Value proposition.

We have seen it in bigger organizations and universities but less seen at schools. It involves decision making for students , agency and student action.

Detailed Description

Characteristics of a sustainability committee.
It is led by a pledge/mission statement that leads and gives a specific meaning to their goals and objectives.
It requires the participation of faculty, students, families, support areas. The committee should include members/representatives of all the stakeholders.

General Feedback on the project Hi, Environment Team
Pleasure to read your ideas to carry out the project in such an important issue in today’s world.

Innovation “Wonder why the target audience couldn’t transcend beyond the school’s stakeholders if the commitee is already part of it deciding on what environmental issues students would like to focus on”

Personalization why not students being the unique participants so that they can design the different projects themselves and be the voice for the community

Global citizenship Connecting with ngo’s , companies, etc which carry out environmental projects from all over the world so as to help sts narrow down and design a plan for the project based on their areas of interest

Holistic learning Could students ask for guide from the community, specialists, organizations considering the root ideas and the diffrent areas the project may involve?

Growth mindset and how the brain learns from mistakes Deciding on a prototype project through collaborative work

Modeling and celebrating mistakes Asking the community, faculty and families for feedback on the prototype project

New people and new experiences

Self-evaluation Applying critical thinking regarding structural changes in the project after school’s community / faculty feedback and redesigning their project

Students explaining and honoring their opinions
Experiencing and being in nature
Recycling, growing vegetables, animals
Embedding indigenous knowledge

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