Team Mindfulness

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Reference website with age-appropriate links and activities for teaching/practicing mindfulness.

Target Audience: All teachers in elementary and secondary schools provide access to mindfulness resources and materials. Provides a central location for access to mindfulness curriculum to support mental health and wellbeing for school communities.

Objectives: The project tries to accomplish support and growth in mental health, recruits and supports new teachers into the field of mindfulness. Strengthens and nurtures mindfulness in students. Lifelong learning in mindfulness.

Value proposition.

This project is to provide teachers support to nurture the benefits of neuroscience of mindfulness and meditation and well being of children. This project potentially is unique for settings and environments. Other projects or sites are driven by profit, this project would be driven to enhance wellbeing for our communities.

Detailed Description

Easily accessible learning engagements, resources, activities in a central location. A roadmap to mindfulness, suggestions for starting points and the journey from there. Visually appealing, visual aesthetic that attracts users, ambient sounds. Connecting to nature, forest paths, zen paths, breathing techniques, focus and setting the tone, calming zones, detours, u-turns, community centre (for collaboration), guided meditation, library (resources, research, books, recommendations, apps, podcasts references), present/past/future, gym (exercises for brain), affirmations, art, museum/gallery, mindful listening, safari, mindful scavenger hunt, landscapes (beaches, waterfalls, sunsets, sunrises, live nature cameras, setting the tone links). Three colours on tabs(?) to indicate novice, intermediate, seasoned(blue, yellow, green?)

General Feedback on the project The objectives are valuable.  It may be worthwhile defining mindfulness in the project descriptor.  What will be the format – website?

Innovation There are a number of resources available for mindfulness. How could this one stop shop be differentiated for appeal to educators?

Personalization Further define mindfulness and its value in education.

Global citizenship Equal access to students all around the world. You could include mindfulness activities from different countries to share. Are there any key differences?

Holistic learning This project clearly encompasses the whole child.

Growth mindset and how the brain learns from mistakes The mindfulness project will greatly benefit students in developing a growth mindset, especially if you include opportunities to learn about the brain and neuroscience. Some activities may be better at developing this area than others. Could be a tab.

Modeling and celebrating mistakes There could be specific mindfulness activities to target this area – you have suggested this in detours and u-turns.

New people and new experiences A broad range of engagements seem to be on offer through your description – it is sure to engage new people and experiences.

Self-evaluation Could students provide self-evaluation through a tool of what they find to be useful or not for their own mindfulness.

Students explaining and honoring their opinions Offer options for student feedback – questionnaires; self-evaluation

Experiencing and being in nature I like the way you have included options for mindfulness in nature – this project lends itself well to natural experiences.

Recycling, growing vegetables, animals This could be mindful tasks for students

Embedding indigenous knowledge Opportunities to research and explore traditional mindfulness activities in indigenous cultures. This could be powerful for students.

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