Week 10 – Next

Week 10 – Next

Implementing your projects

Welcome to Week 10! We´ve made it to the end of the process, but as we always knew, it is actually only the beginning. We sincerely hope that this experience has provided you with tools and the motivation to go out and impact your own environments.

Our first assignment on this final week of prompts, starts with reviewing your projects and taking a stab at developing your implementation plan.

Please complete your implementation plan and, if you make any changes to your project flyer, please send us the revised version via email.

Implementation Plans:

Program feedback survey

Faithful to our belief in the value of formative assessment, we would be very grateful if you complete the following survey to provide us with feedback on our program so that we may learn from this experience and improve it in future versions.

Crea tu propia encuesta de comentarios de usuarios

The road ahead

As you get ready for your final presentation, we would like to invite you to reflect on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for us in education.

Thomas Friedman is an award-winning journalist, who coined the phrase “The Flat World”, as in his best selling book of the same title. He is also a lucid observer of our times and a provocative speaker who can challenge us to think of some of the real-world challenges that inevitably impact the world of education.

Please watch the following 2 brief videos (they are different).

Please discuss below.

How can we prepare students for a world that will the demand that they are lifelong learners? How can we truly, beyond paying lip service to the concept, learn values at our schools?

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