Week 4 – The Journey

Week 4 – The Journey

Week 4 focuses on transitional aspects of developing a new way to learn. Our journey into the future of learning is fundamentally impacted by the far-reaching impact of technology in education.

Technology has radically altered the way we live and relate to each other but it hasn’t significantly impacted schools as education continues much the same as decades or centuries ago.

As we develop our projects, it is time for us to factor in how technology can have a positive impact on revolutionizing the way we learn.

Technology for learning

We are the first generation in the history of humanity that has access to infinite learning possibilities due to enhanced connectivity. This leads us to reassess what really matters in education, as our source of learning is no longer confined to teacher and textbooks.

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Technology for personal and professional expression

Another essential aspect of the application of technology has to do with expression. Multimedia creation is as easy as ever. Posting a video or story on social media allows one to reach millions of people instantly.

Most schools do not dedicate time to developing critical insights about multimedia. Whether through comprehension of the media and medium or in providing students with expressive tools and skills.

The Social Dilemma is a well-known documentary released by Netflix in 2020, which deals with the impact of technology on individuals and society. Please watch the following trailer:

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Impact of technology on individuals and society

Technology advances and social media have significantly impacted our lives, sometimes in ways that are unfathomable to us. Developing critical insights about the impact of technology and the social and ethical dilemmas that technological developments will bring forth is a fundamental topic to be dealt with at schools. But it is conspicuously absent from curriculum.

Big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality are a few developments reshaping our world.

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