Innovative Schools

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Mixed Age Groupings

  • Mixed age learning environment.

Flexible skills-based curriculum

  • Diverse curriculum emphasizing breadth over depth and focusing on skills and domain knowledge.
  • Focus on skills and mindset rather than content.
  • Project-based experiential learning.
  • Mastery learning.
  • Inquiry-based learning.
  • Flexible schedules.
  • Entrepreneurial learning.
  • Activities focused on ways of thinking.
  • Imagination playgrounds.

Student-centered school

  • Self-directed student learning.
  • Students choose their own pathway.
  • Honoring student agency and working backwards from their passions.
  • Students developing musical talents.
  • Special path for gifted learners.
  • Deep, thoughtful, responsive studies to be developed over the course of a year.

Open to community

  • Passion-based education, strong intentional connection with community.
  • Field trips every week.
  • Partnership with artists to promote creativity.
  • One day a week devoted to excursions.
  • Students spend a trimester or summer interning at a company or organization.

Formative and authentic assessment

  • Culminating events instead of final exams.
  • No exams.
  • Portfolio based assessment and meetings with parents and collaborators.
  • Teachers are collaborators.

Students learning in nature

  • Learning in nature.
  • Cross-disciplinary focus on environmental learning.
  • Education for sustainability.

Focus on integral development of students

  • Methodology allows students to connect with their feelings.
  • Social emotional learning is a planned instance in the curriculum.
  • The aim of the school is to make a difference in the world.
  • Joyful, deep, brave.
  • Development of whole self, social intelligence, creativity.
  • Morning and community meetings.