Expressing Ourselves

Self-Expression in Education

The very well-known Academy Award winner film “The King’s Speech” relates the story of King George VI and how his eloquence teacher helped him overcome his stammering so that he could address the nation at a time of great crisis, the Second World War. But the story, in itself, is a profound metaphor: the ultimate message is about finding one’s own voice and being able to express ourselves authentically.

Please watch the following two short video clips:

Final project: The King’s Speech

We invite you to prepare a 3-minute presentation for our last live session on Tuesday, July 5th. This will be our own King´s Speech, like in the movie, each and every person´s unique expression of what they want to share with our small community regarding what we hope has been your newfound voice in education.

There are no formats, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a speech, the charter is very simple: you are given 3 minutes to share, in any way whatsoever, an expression of your self in education after this shared journey.

We will be asking all of our participants to present this personal expression piece during our last meeting, embodying in this process all that we hold dear in education, that learners should be both challenged as well as inspired to follow their passions and express themselves to the full extent of their potential.

Remember: 3 minutes. This is in itself a challenge and may require a few drafts. Practice your presentation and time yourself. Please be clear and concise. Practice breathing and grounding to calm any nervous energy. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.