Our whys

It is my nature to change things and I want to meet other teachers who share my passion.

New ways of helping my students learn and grow as good individuals.
Improve my teaching method, and also because I believe this kind of courses are helpful to open our minds when thinking our sequences.

Learn new ways to improve my teaching making it more engaging for my students, making them fall in love with the wonderful process of learning.

To expand and foster ways to reach everybody in my diversity groups.

Growing as a teacher and make my students feel part of this growing.

To have more connections and take action for a better education in all the world.

Seeking new ideas to implement at school. This space will give the opportunity to exchange and interact with other teachers around the world and broaden my thoughts.

A new look, a new open road a change in mind for me and for my students. Learning new concepts makes you more flexible and permeable.

Innovative ideas are paramount when we want to evolve and grow. The process of learning requires a constant search for new tools, new ways of dealing with reality, transforming the future while learning from the past we embrace what is to come.

Diversity of motivational strategies typical of the pedagogical task.

For me- a chance to learn from and work with a community of inspiring individuals.
For my class – maybe a chance to do the same.

I participated in the student program last year and loved it. I am looking for new ways of exciting and educating students. I am looking to learn more(period).

Everything! Specifically, the idea that it encompasses teaching and education research from around the globe. Also, being able to collaborate with like-minded educators. Eager to learn new strategies to apply to the classroom.

I love to learn and have the possibility of sharing with my colleagues. I want to learn more learning strategies.

Sharing this opportunity with teachers from different parts of the world led by prestigious leaders from different countries and educational backgrounds will open up the definition and concept of education.

Share knowledge, experience, new ideas with my colleagues and students and then put them into practice.

Collaborate with like-minded peers to ensure learning is relevant and authentic for our students.

I want students to be empowered to be part of the creation of the future.

To be relevant and part of initiatives that reflect advances in both technology and neuroscience.

Participate in innovation and motivational learning that strives to provide students with the best educational outcomes and personal success that they can achieve.

Exposure to global education philosophies.

To learn from the best; to be excited by cutting edge research based, best practice, with the possibility for new and innovative learning. To be able to reignite a passion for education for myself and the staff I work with.

Take time to learn about current trends regarding how we can rethink education and promote innovation and to revisit some of our current practices in order to establish continuous and sustainable improvement.

Increase my skills in learning new ideas from experts as well as improve and become better educator.

I feel that education is at the brink of great change and I believe this course will be a fantastic platform to discover this new area. Since the pandemic I have looked at everything differently and believe that we need to reassess what we teach and how we teach it. I hope this course inspires me with new ideas to move into the future of learning with confidence and new ideas.

My personal and professional development is a must. I am part of a school that believes in the need for a paradigm shift in education in the formation of new citizens. My contribution would not be honest if I did not start by being better trained and informed of the progress and experiences of other professionals in the area.

We should be in constant evolution.