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The Next Learnerspace is at the confluence of Self, Nature, Community, Technology and Leadership.

Our 10-week unique online learning journey for high school students, enterprising youth and educators.

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Global projects to co-create the future – students & educators

Students and educators will develop enterprising projects within learning communities, which, themselves, embody a new learning, collaboration and innovation paradigm, catalyzed by state-of-the-art technology and AI tools.

We have all in some way been losing our connection with nature and its many primeval elements. Understanding ecosystems and the natural world is essential to our economic success and personal wellbeing. The effective stewardship of natural resources, while understanding the impact of human activity on nature is vital to our collective ability to thrive into the future. By nurturing a stronger nature connection, that explores the concept of indigenous as related to belonging to “place” for our collective existence in the broadest sense, is essential to contributing to a collective vision for a sustainable future.
The human need for connection is inherent in our DNA. Communities unite through a sense of shared common purpose that does not alienate but rather connects individuals. Contributing to and serving something greater than oneself is a way deepen community by unifying our common purpose, bringing a more peaceful and harmonious co-existence with our surroundings, and each other.
Gaining deeper insights into your inner-working, along with values, beliefs and motivation bringing greater awareness of self is the foundation to self-discovery. This work amplifies our inherent search for identity, meaning and sense of purpose and is the key to enhancing self-confidence and esteem. By exploring contemplative practices, mind-body connection, the duality of self and connectedness, and aspirational values a more profound sense of self and identity begins to emerge. This work is vital to awakening an authenticity that will pay dividends well into the future by forming a strong foundation for your personal leadership.
Technology is now inextricably linked to humanity. Paradoxically, it is a double-edged sword, as an enabler of human endeavor with great connecting capacity or and as a powerful tool for destruction. We consider technology as a “gateway” to an array of possibilities both positive and negative. As such, technology carries profound ethical and social implications and must be carefully understood. A vision of a technology augmented future for humanity is here to stay, whether we like it or not. Gaining a deep understanding of technology and its implications for our collective future is requisite in all learning. We believe technology, when skillfully applied, to be a significant disruptive and democratizing force for meaningful change. As a medium to amplify out ideas and our voice, we view technology as an enabler to enterprising learners’ creativity, collaboration and connection that evokes a deeper sense of collective expression to conceive and deliver new thinking, great ideas, and interesting projects into the world.
Leadership is a significant catalyst for your creative expression. By intentionally contributing to greater good, whatever that might be, leadership compels us to bring projects, products or services into the world that can have a positive impact in our communities. Aligning your values and a deeper sense of purpose in the quest for your greatest authenticity is the foundation of all genuinely great leaders. We believe leadership is the driver of change and impact and is essential to the enterprising learner’s success, while making the world a slightly better place.

The Challenge

The Next Learnerspace is a unique learning and design program to respond to badly needed changes in Education.

Immersive Digital Experience

Online interactions including research, games, simulations, design thinking and project creation.

Students & Educators

Three distinct interactive learning programs, for high school students, enterprising youth and adult educators.

Advanced AI Tools

State of the art technology tools for an insights accelerator.

Co-constructing a body of knowledge

An innovative approach to crowdsourcing learning.

New learnings

Exploring breakthrough learning live with top experts in the world.

New forms of learning

Self-paced, independent, interactive learning activities.

Creating the future

Real-life projects, making to remake the world.

Our Program

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