The Shirt of a Happy Man

The following is the text of a short story by XXIXth century writer Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest Russian authors of all times:

A king once fell ill.
“I will give half my kingdom to the man who can cure me,” he said.
All his wise men gathered together to decide how the king could be cured. But no one knew. Only one of the wise men said what he thought would cure the king.
“If you can find a happy man, take his shirt, put it on the king–and the king will be cured.”
The king sent his emissaries to search for a happy man. they traveled far and wide throughout his whole kingdom, but they could not find a happy man. There was no one who was completely satisfied: if a man was rich he was ailing; if he was healthy he was poor; if he was rich and healthy he had a bad wife; or if he had children they were bad–everyone had something to complain of.
Finally late one night, the king’s son was passing by a ……

Write an ending to the story….