Survey – How we learn

Here are the results of our survey on How we learn. We will take this into account when we develop our own projects, making sure that they target those learning modes that we favor as being more effective and engaging.

What do we like to learn?

How do we like to learn?

Where do we like to learn?


We will now play around with a few comparisons, to better understand the implications of our answers.

With other responders

The following PDF compares this cohort´s answers with many others that we collected in previous surveys, from studenst and adults all over the world:

This cohortPrevious respondents
Q3. What do we like to learn?
From real life situations or problems.4.564.384.0%
What is current.4.334.125.0%
What I am curious about.4.784.515.8%
What I can apply.
What allows me to make connections.4.334.085.9%
Theoretical topics.3.443.391.5%
What I find interesting.4.894.498.5%
Q4. How do we like to learn?
By doing projects.3.783.634.0%
Creating concept maps or other graphical instruments.3.333.223.4%
On my own searching on the Internet.3.563.642.2%
By watching videos online.3.113.4410.1%
Playing games.3.443.149.1%
By discussing, debating.4.113.749.4%
Through case studies.3.333.422.7%
By designing and creating.3.783.872.4%
Doing experiments.3.673.553.3%
Through teamwork and collaborating with other students.4.333.8412.0%
Listening to teachers when they explain.43.3617.4%
Reading books or other printed materials.3.443.584.0%
Q5. Where do we like to learn?
In the classroom.3.673.2811.2%
At the school, in other spaces that are not the classrooms.3.893.4512.0%
At cafes or other informal spaces.
Average Difference6.7%
Average Like to Learn Difference between this cohort and other respondents3.883.695.0%

Students and adults

Here we compare, for the whole extended sample, student and adult answers.