Evolving the Way We Learn

The Next Learnerspace is a revolutionary place for learning and creating.

A core focus on five guiding principles of self-mastery, nature, community, technology and leadership equips learners, at all stages in their life-journey, for greater success.

Our world is increasingly complex and the pace of life continues to accelerate. Emerging challenges and current realities highlight the need to redefine education and learning. We live in a world where what we are learning now will not prepare us for success in the immediate future.

People all over the world are exploring the depths of our consciousness, probing into the realm of the unknown that unites us, joyously discovering, leveraging technology, and creating a deeper connection to the infinitely interconnected world. We bring these thought leaders together to support our learners and their exploration and discovery.

The Next Learnerspace is a multidisciplinary intersection between discovery driven learning, a dynamic new knowledge paradigm, and new leadership.

We enable enterprising learners by providing the opportunity for rich collaborative learning with a cohort of peers from around the world. As they focus on self-mastery, nature, community, technology and leadership, we encourage learners in the creation of enterprising social projects that solve real-world challenges. These projects feed back into the world, so that the learner’s development in the five guiding principles is embedded and transformational.

As architects and hosts of a space for new learnings and new forms of learning, The Next Learnerspace is a learning lab, a place for fail-safe shared exploration, connecting real-world experts, formal education systems, and enterprising learners to raise awareness and engage in profound and authentic learning experiences that know no boundaries.