Our Learning Communities

The Next Learnerspace features programs specifically designed and targeted for high school students (Youth 16-20), Enterprising Youth (20-28), Educational Leaders.

High School Youth

The High School student program allows youth to actively explore advanced topics and develop higher order skills within an online environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. This program allows learners to interact with peer learners from a myriad of countries, allowing for a unique learning experience and perspectives that conventional education may not offer. Guided by mentors and facilitators, high school students redefine their views on success, explore their sense of self, and strive towards a great sense of connection and purpose.

Enterprising Youth

Enterprising Youth are driven and determined to forge their own path in the world and may not fit traditional leaning approaches. This highly collaborative and interactive program focuses on supporting the passion and aspirations of these learners in a highly creative way. Connected by technology, and featuring the language of innovation, learners bring ideas to life in a way that contributes to the greater good.

Educational Leaders

Educator programs are open to all adults interested in education, regardless of whether they hold a formal position in education or not. Throughout the extended multiweek interaction, educators join forces in collectively exploring latest trends for the future of learning, create rubrics for projects that target socially significant impact, engage in a process of self-exploration, and rekindle of their vocational call in a crenewed context and redefined education paradigm.

The Program

The learning journey begins with a learning plan that situates the learner in the centre of five integrated guiding principles. These five areas of focus include self, nature, community, technology, and leadership.

This journey features a series of skills and competencies that drive learning. Learning outcomes demonstrate greater skill, knowledge and confidence.

Real World Projects

The outcome of the shared process is the development of socially relevant projects. Participants translate their newfound self-awareness and sense of community into impactful projects that can help create their desired future. Through a step-by-step design thinking protocol, participants will jointly interact, develop, crosslink ideas and apply principles of innovation. They can then implement their projects, working collaboratively with their global counterparts.

Expert Support

We provide connection to subject matter experts and thought leaders, as well as support for participants to carry out their projects. Learners are supported through direct connection with members of The Next Learnerspace team to ensure connection, engagement, and a deep understanding of the process.

The Learning Portfolio

Based on collaborative peer to peer learning, guided by real world experts, learners will development projects with significant societal impact. Their creativity, critical thinking and innovation skills will be honed as they team up to become changemakers.

The projects are featured on The Next Learnerspace so that their progress can be shared with the whole learning community and later fed back into the world. This forms the learner’s ongoing learning portfolio that can be used to gain meaningful employment, pitch their projects to investors or create community impact.