The Advanced Curriculum

As part of our learning interactions, and in the process of developing a true learning community, participants will explore interactive resources related to nature, self, curriculum, leadership, on their way to becoming more aware and knowledgeable about some of the most important issues that underline the creation of a better future.

Through a process that intends to awaken a more profound self-awareness about their own values and interests, and with a high degree of personalization, cohort members will engage collectively and with each other, through a renewed learning paradigm, in learning collaboratively about some of the themes and topics that they are more interested in, and that constitute the foundations of the future of learning.

Prompts and challenges.

Every week, participants will be challenged, through problems, exercises, games, polls, simulations and other exercises, to actively participate in shared reflections, crowdsourcing of learning, developing an active sense of participation in the learning process by contributing links and resources, and, in general, taking part in a joyful exploration of new learnings.

Weekly live interactions.

At a day and time to be determined, every week, as per their preferences and time zones of participants, there will be at 1 hour 30 live video conference interaction that culminates the work done during that weekend that serves as a chance for participants to meet with each other, talk, socialize, and engage in specific learning interactions that lead into the following weeks learning and prompts, as well as develop a space for the exchange of ideas and effective collaboration. Through breakout rooms, interactive polls, shared games, and other fun activities, participants engage in an innovative and unique form of learning through the online interface.