What Makes us Unique?

A deep focus on connecting self, nature, community, technology and leadership is our powerful and focused platform for learning.

Learners are part of a global cohort of changemakers and like-minded individuals who want to commit to generating impactful change through the development of socially relevant projects.

Opportunities for self-exploration and a renewed sense of awareness and purpose create beneficial effects on each learner’s future.

Meaningful connections with peers from all over the world who share the intention to participate in a truly ground-breaking project and make change happen for the greater good.

An advanced set of interactions and learning resources representing state-of-the-art research and latest trends.

Real life connections with researchers, teachers and scientists who are pushing the envelope of what is known.

An online hub where all participants will be able to learn together and interact with each other, at the same time taking part and experiencing firsthand our unique and innovative online learning experience.