Summary of comments on Videos

What is the general message of the videos?

  • The future will become completely industrial.
  • Machines will develop consciousness.
  • Technology will dominate humans.
  • Future is headed in the wrong direction.
  • Lack of human interaction
  • World is changing very quickly.
  • Issues related to food and climate change.
  • Future will be controlled by technology.
  • AI will be taking over.
  • Environmental ruin.
  • The earth is in trouble.
  • Majority of consequences will be negative.
  • Our society is dangerous.
  • Uncertain future but not too much hope.

Comments and observations.

  • Disturbing, voices interrupting each other.
  • Many people share the same perspective, everybody in the world has a similar opinion.
  • Very abstract, artistic, overwhelming, fast-paced, constantly changing, noisy, vibrant.
  • Humans becoming one with machines, being slave of machines represent the uncertainty that the future holds regarding technology.
  • Fear of future, destruction of our planet, we don’t want machines ruling the world.
  • Need to live our lives and not just think, real is now, we need to be happy now.