Week 4 – The Future

Welcome to Week 4 – The Future. Like never before in the history of humanity, we are collectively and individually in a position to help create a better future. Technology will continue to impact our lives, the global environmental crisis continues to require intervention, systems are collapsing, changing, and evolving the world over. We have just spent a year in a global crisis that saw a global response, with varied results. We will soon look at our own global projects; before we do, we will try to build a shared vision of the not so distant future.

Impact of Technology

New technology applications are being developed at breathtaking speed and there are all kinds of predictions as to how they will impact our lives. Please review the following applications by interacting with them as much as you can:

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Based on your experience of exploring these applications, please take a minute to reflect on how you think technology might impact your life in the immediate future. You will have a chance to share your reflections, so you may wish to write them down.

Postcards from the Future

It is the year 2041 and the historic years 2020 and 2021 are but a distant memory. You decide to send a postcard to your young 2021 self to describe the future that awaits you.

Your task for this week is to create a postcard to yourself from the future. This “postcard” can be in any creative form that you prefer, not necessarily like the traditional physical postcards we all know. We will be creating a gallery with these postcards for everybody to see. Please submit them to gabriel.rshaid@thelearnerspace.org before the end of the day on Monday, June 21.

Datak – The Video Game

Big Data, privacy, and our digital footprint are important issues today and in the future. We invite you to play Datak, a videogame developed by RTS, to experience firsthand how this evolving landscape involves real life decisions that ultimately will have an impact on shaping the future. Here is the description from the game site, some screen captures and a link to the game itself:

The game invites players to assume the role of a trainee assistant data protection manager in the town of DataVille. Players are faced with various daily dilemmas and specific questions from DataVille’s mayor, such as whether to approve a project to install CCTV cameras in the town and whether to pass on citizens’ data to companies or political parties. Every decision has an impact on the organization of the community, the player’s progress in the game and the trainee’s private life. Players have to comply with certain constraints – a daily allotted time, a tight budget, a low salary.

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Click here to play Datak