Week 5 – The Journey

They say that every journey is a round trip. Our intention to have an impact on the world through global projects will see us travel far in terms of knowledge and creatively. We wish to animate our creations with a sense of purpose and reconnect with others and ourselves throughout the journey.

This week we explore some of the infinite dimensions of our sense of self and connection with the world, so that our projects constitute our own and collective expression.

Your Preferences

In order to assemble the teams for the development of our global projects, we ask that you please complete the following survey on your preferences, regarding those themes and topics that you are most interested in and what you would enjoy doing within the projects:

Click here to access the survey on your preferences

Futuring Statement

Many thanks for your work in developing the futuring statement:

Advancing technology to open different possibilities for sustainable improvement towards the welfare of our planet.

As we discussed yesterday, this futuring statement will constitute an aspirational vision for our projects, which we expect will target the creation of such a future. Let us know of any changes or suggestions to futuring statement (missing words, anything you might not agree with, or any comments that you wish to share before we adopt it for our projects.

Parable of the Polygons

Please click on the following link and play through the entire story. Return to this page and read the questions below (scroll down to them) only after you have completed the simulation.

Click here to play Parable of the Polygons

Reflection questions (for you to answer on your own)

What makes you a triangle or a square? What makes you uniquely who you are and defines you?

What are your biases? Where do your biases come from?

What is your tolerance for diversity? Do you get to experience a lot of diversity in your life?