Week 6 – Designing

We are ready to start developing our projects! Much of our work so far has been geared towards developing a design mindset, gaining sensitivity to and awareness of community, nature, our selves, the role and influence of technology, and how our leadership might actively impact reality.

It is time to start designing. This week’s prompts attempt to recap our shared learning so far and take our first steps in the creative development of these projects.

The Great Project Rubric

During our Zoom interaction in week five, we worked towards determining the dimensions of what makes a great project, which resulted in a master rubric that we will use as reference and aspirational signpost.

Here is our Great Project Rubric. In the process of providing feedback to each other, we will frequently make reference to these principles so that they guide the development of our projects.


Many thanks for completing the survey, which allowed us to group you in teams based on our best assessment of a positive match amongst yourselves. Here are the teams:



Students who have not been assigned to a team yet will join a team in the next few hours. We will send everybody a message as soon as this happens for an updated list of teams.

First team assignment

Your first team assignment consists of finding some way to interact with your fellow team members before our meeting on Tuesday, and complete the following two tasks:

  • Agree on a name for the team
  • Choose a topic for your project.
    The topic can be very general or very specific, depending on your dialogue and exchanges amongst the team. It is not yet an action or a project, but rather a theme or topic. For example, at this stage, we can determine that the team will work on “fast food” and not on “designing the perfect hamburger for maximum calorie intake” or, as another example, “cheating in sports”, and not on “finding ways to disguise an electric engine into a bicycle”. NOTE: both examples are intentionally absurd, we doubt that any of them would contribute to the greater good or comply with your Great Project Rubric.

At our meeting on Tuesday, we will start from these topics, so make sure that you are ready to work from there.

Extreme Creativity Challenge

The mystery is unfolded! Please access our Miro board for our Extreme Creativity Challenge.

  • If you scroll out of the board, you will find one area to the right of our original board labeled with each person’s name.
  • Drag three sticky notes from what the other students wrote on Tuesday, and place them on your new board. You can choose any you like as long as they are not your notes.
  • Take these three sticky notes and combine the three ideas or concepts in them into a new, unique and completely original idea. For example, if the sticky notes read: CAT – BASKETBALL – TEACUP, your idea that involves the three concepts could be “A revolving teacup like the ones you find at the Disney theme parks placing both a cat and the basketball on it and spinning it until the basketball and the cat respectively are shot out and studying the resulting centrifugal force” As usual, no wrong ideas! If you want to do more than one and repeat the exercise, there are plenty of sticky notes to play around with.

Click here to access the Miro Board

The Veja Project and the real world

As we start our entrepreneurial journey it is a good idea to think about what it means to be enterprising. Please read the following section of the Veja Project website:

Click here to access the Veja Project

Discuss below.

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