Our Group

Jaffar Ahmada Bakari

Jaffar Ahmada Bakari (Male, 22yrs), is a youth advocate engaged with the National Children Advisory Board (NCAB) of Zanzibar as an advisor where also once served as Chair in the year 2017-2018. I am very versed in youth issues relating to child rights, child participation, and I have been actively involved in facilitating children’s consultative meetings (in both Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland) to provide input to the UNCRC and UPR shadow reports in both Zanzibar and Tanzania Mainland. I provide strong contributions and bring new exciting ideas with great enthusiasm and energy. I have experience in different teaching/sensitization and leadership roles presented to me in my work and education paths. Currently I am a Minister of Information, Art, Culture and Sport at Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy. I hold a Basic Technician Certificate and Ordinary Diploma in Community Development

Moses Yesubi Yoseph

Moses Yesubi Yoseph (28) is an Assistant Lecturer of Biblical Studies at the University of Arusha (Tanzania), where he collaborates with the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies in initiating, designing, and implementing educational programs to train future community workers. Additionally, Moses also volunteers in giving services in several churches and educational institutions in Arusha and surrounding regions by conducting seminars and leadership/governance workshops. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Biblical and Theological Studies from Adventist University of Africa, Kenya. Moses is passionate with working with young people and the community, and he enjoys socializing, adventures, and music.

Jonathan Ogiglio

A 22-year-old born and raised in the ever-growing city of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Having just graduated from university with a Civil Engineering degree, I am looking for a challenging environment for growth to launch my career. As a quick learner with an aptitude for problem solving and creativity, I believe in adding value wherever I am and I look forward to utilising my capabilities to create a positive impact.
I am passionate about technology and innovation and I look forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge I gain in my life journey to make my mark.

Andre Mamprin

Andre Mamprin has been a student of both the Art and the Science of Leadership for more than two decades. His work developing leaders, designing leadership learning content and delivering programs to more than 20,000 Leaders as Executive Director of The Banff Centre, Leadership Development and as Leader of Knowledge Architecture at The Next Institute has created a foundation for meaningful change.
He has translated his experience as both a leader and entrepreneur in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, and Banking industries to designing and delivering intricate and often large-scale solutions for an array of blue chip organizations across North America.
He continues his learning as his Leadership evolves.
The Next Institute

Patricia Glenn

Leader, Business Operations at The Next Institute
Patricia is a builder who loves starting at ground zero and seeing a project from conception to reality. She enjoys working with a group of visionaries to develop ideas and implement strategies that have a positive impact on the clients and communities they serve. Patricia is a results-driven leader with over 15 years’ multi-faceted leadership experience and expertise in strategic and operational roles.
After a fulfilling career in the private sector, Patricia made the move to not-for-profit, leading fundraising teams through transition to achieve significant results with some of Calgary’s most recognizable organizations. Most recently, in an executive role, she led a Calgary based non-profit through a strategic plan focused on fiscal stability, program excellence, and growth. Patricia is currently completing her master’s in leadership at Royal Roads University.

Gabriel Rshaid

Gabriel is the co-founder and Director of The Learnerspace, a company whose mission is to help build the future of learning. He is also co-founder of The Global School, the first school of its type in Latin America, attempting to make educational change a reality. Formerly  Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Scots School in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the oldest bilingual school in the world, he is a passionate educational futurist who is intent on sharing his belief that it is the best time in history to be an educator. Gabriel is the author of five books, and has contributed as a co-author to numerous other books and anthologies. A former board member of ASCD and chair of ESSARP, he has spoken and led professional development workshops all over the world, working with educators to help create the future of education.
He can be contacted at gabriel.rshaid@thelearnerspace.org
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The Global School