Week 9 – Featuring

Week 9 – Featuring

Community Survey

Welcome to Week 9! We are now in the process of showcasing our projects to our extended community. Will our projects adequately serve their needs and be well received by the community?

We have prepared a survey based on your input on Tuesday. The following link takes you to an ad hoc web page where we have published the prototypes in a gallery and included a short survey alongside them.

Please share this link with as many members of your extended community as possible, this includes colleagues, friends, family and any educators that you know could be potentially interested. There are no restrictions in this respect, the more feedback we get the more meaningful it will be.

Link to project gallery and community survey:


Personal Project

As we arrive at the final stages of our project, it is time to reflect and attempt to express ourselves regarding the learning experience.

We have always stated that one of the objectives of this course is for it to become a self-case study, constituting a first-person experience of how learning and assessment can be different in the real world. And such is the case with our final project. Opposed to what would constitute a conventional summative assessment instrument, we want you to engage in a personal expression project.

One of the basic tenets of the future of learning is that education should be about self discovery, enlightenment, and, ultimately, provide us with tools for authentic self expression. The same applies to us as professionals, so we invite you to click on the following link and enter this last special prompt for our final project.

Pixar: the Creativity Masters

Pixar has produced some of the most successful animated films. As a company, it is admired and viewed as an example of innovation and creativity. As expressed by Pixar’s leaders, one of the secrets to their continued success is the brain trust, an important part of their production method involving review and critique.

Please watch the following video in which this process is described.

Please discuss below.

How is this related (or not) to our professional experience? How could we apply the Brain Trust to working with our students? Would it be a viable form of assessment?

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